Proactive health risk analysis that gets to the source of actionable data

Improve the health of your business and your members with actionable insights.

Solutions for all healthcare populations

MediCheck is a customizable data collection system for healthcare organizations with risk and quality challenges, including commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and exchange populations. Our comprehensive approach removes the guesswork in member health data, enabling greater specificity and clinical substantiation to improve health documentation and drive improved outcomes.




Key program components

Our mobile assessment solution is fully customizable – we can develop a program that fits your business needs and helps achieve quality and risk adjustment goals.

Data Collection

Member outreach helps you uncover the measures that matter.

  • Initial health information gathered by trained industry call experts to document baseline member health conditions
  • Identifies gaps for follow up prior to biometrics screening

Mobile screenings engages your members at their convenience.

  • In-home or lab-based biometrics screening and specimen collection
  • Largest clinical outreach team of its kind in the country
  • More than 2,200 patient service centers across the country

Risk Detection

Prescription history harvests data for deeper insights.

  • Access to prescription history through exclusive partnerships with the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in the country
  • Provides a comprehensive view of long-term conditions

Laboratory history fills in gaps for greater substantiation.

  • Access to comprehensive historical laboratory data, providing insight into the member health history
  • Includes available ordering physician information

Health Connection

In-home assessments with nurse practitioners targets healthy outcomes.

  • In-home risk assessment conducted in partnership with health plan payment team
  • Provides a prospective assessment for risk adjustment, as well as healthy lifestyle coaching

Actionable insights  connect members with doctors and care managers.

  • Actionable insights reported back to the health plan and primary physician
  • Follow-up from the same nurse practitioner who conducted the assessment increases the likelihood of a member’s participation in care plans