Look deeper into your risk adjustment processes

Maintaining a high-quality assessment program for your health plan isn’t just about risk adjustment. It’s also about the health and satisfaction of your members—and keeping costs under control. With so much at stake, health plans must align themselves with partners that make a difference. The only program backed by a leading diagnostic laboratory, MediCheck™ ensures your risk adjustment processes are more precise, consistent and member-friendly.

Resources for risk adjustment

Mobile specimen and biometrics collections
Capture critical member health data in the comfort of their own home with a national, industry-leading mobile phlebotomy network.

In-home health assessment with a nurse practitioner
Target healthy outcomes with a clinically-based health assessment that provides improved data accuracy and a consistent member experience.

Prescription history data
Build a more complete member profile with up to seven years of prescription history data that can inform member risk and care management needs.

Historical laboratory data
Make informed decisions on member health with historical physician-ordered laboratory results related to preventative care, disease monitoring and diagnostic purposes.

The MediCheck Difference

  • Improved compliance and audit results with more accurate and thorough documentation of medical conditions based on objective laboratory results
  • Better informed physicians by identifying unreported documents and undiagnosed conditions
  • Improved disease management via comprehensive lab panels, prescription checks and script-driven, context-based medical histories
  • Better management of capital through earlier recognition of medical conditions and reduced hospital readmissions