Build more complete member profiles

As a health plan, wouldn’t it be great if you could gather deeper insights into your member’s potential risk by obtaining a more complete medical profile?

We work with some of the largest pharmacy benefits management (PBM) companies in the country and have developed exclusive relationships that help capture a more comprehensive review of your member’s prescription drug history.

Once your member completes the required authorization and consent forms*, ScriptCheck® helps you develop a more in-depth review of your members’ prescription history.

Through our PBM relationships, we go directly to the source and collect the pharmacy claims regardless of where they fill their prescriptions. By using this strategy, you receive information on the drugs you care about for risk adjustment. It identifies mail order maintenance as well as specialty drugs, in addition to any retail prescription purchases. This data-driven approach provides you with the most complete and accurate picture of your member’s prescription claims history.

*ExamOne requires prior consent from members. Consent must be obtained prior to accessing prescription information.