Your health screening with MediCheck

Your health plan or program sponsor is working with ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics company, to provide you a health screening. Depending on your program, you may have an in-home visit to collect lab specimens, or an appointment at one of our 2,200 patient service centers across the country. In some cases, a licensed nurse practitioner will also visit you in your home for a follow up assessment.

Why should you take part in this personal health screening?

  • Regular screenings provide you with the information you and your doctor need to manage your health proactively, before symptoms occur.
  • Even if you feel well, many health conditions don’t have early warning signs. The visit and check-up will give you peace of mind.
  • If your wellness visit reveals health risks, the nurse practitioner will help you understand those risks for you to follow up with your primary care doctor. They can also help you set time with your primary care doctor to create a treatment plan.
  • You and your doctor will receive copies of your personal health report, which explains your results and helps your doctor create a treatment plan.

The screening will not replace the relationship you have with your doctor. In fact, we hope this will help your doctor develop a more complete care plan for you.

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